There is no denying that our country is killing itself with food. We are experiencing an obesity epidemic that is hungrily consuming our tax dollars and robbing our children of their futures.Today, one in three adults is considered clinically obese, along with one in five kids, with another 24 million Americans are afflicted by type […]

When I originally set out creating this blog I had so many ideas and hopes for what it would evolve into. While food issues remained at the center of my vision, I also imagined colorful posts filled with pictures of my favorite local restaurants. I wanted to create a casual dining guide/tribute to this city […]

Alright folks, the Thrash Lab has done it again! You might remember my post featuring their expose on the world of freegans, complete with in depth interviews and creative cinematography… well, they’re back! This week I’ve decided to share with you a video the group did on food trucks in LA. Yeah thats right, this […]

The social media craze is in full effect, and for good reason too. Social media marketing offers businesses and campaigns a cheap and effective avenue to reach their consumer base. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, allow for organizations to engage with the public to foster relationships that can have a big impact on their […]

I recently read an article concerning the relationship between college students and the kitchen. The author, Will Levitt (a graduating senior like myself), believes that despite the many life skills universities help us perfect, they simply overlooked teaching us how to cook. He is appalled at the lack of culinary command he sees in his […]

For the past few weeks I have been committed to exploring and evaluating many specific food movements that I feel compliment each other, while fitting into a larger framework of sustainability and health. When searching for another topic to delve into for this week’s post, I stumbled across an article that I really felt embodied […]

I recently read an interesting study by Brian Wansink, a scholar in the fields of Marketing, Nutritional Science, and Agricultural and Consumer Economics, that has left me rethinking my eating habits ever since. With two out of three Americans overweight, his research focuses on habits in our daily lives that lead us to over-consume, often […]

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